Delectable Mountains Baby Quilt

The minute I saw the Delectable Mountains block I knew that I had to make a quilt.  I’ve often called myself a quilting resister.. but block by block and quilting magazine by quilting magazine I’ve caught the bug.

Delectable mountains Quilt

My friend Vered had a baby boy a few months ago and I decided that I needed to make her a baby quilt. She loves modern design and I thought the block would suit her aesthetic and baby colors perfectly.  Shades of grey, and add white.. Everything about this quilt was right up my alley!

The quilt took much longer than expected.. I asked Vered about the quilt last spring, we then packed up and moved across the country, lived with my sister and law and her family for a few weeks and moved into our place mid August… I can’t tell you how many times that I stopped and started this quilt.

Delectable Mountains Block

The block is very simple and the quilt can be taken in many directions. Type in “Delectable Mountains” on Pinterest and you’ll see a gazillion beautiful variations. I found this block over at the Fat Quarter Shop, click here for the link to the pattern.  The best part is Kimberly shot a YouTube tutorial for the block. Click this link for the YouTube tutorial. With the amount of times that I had to re-start this quilt, the video got me back into the swing of things each time.


Delectable Mountains Quilt hold up

Delectable mountains Quilt Tanner

Cute model, right? I had my 3 yr old try out his Vanna White skills and showcase the quilt.  He was more goofy than helpful, but I got the images that I needed.

That’s it for today. I have a fun pouch in the works and will be sharing it very soon.

Happy Sewing!

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Cozy Cottage Calendar 2016 – Blog Tour

Today is my turn on the Fat Quarter Shop Blog tour celebrating the Cozy Cottage 2016 Calendar. This is my second sew-a-long with Lori Holt, of the Bee In My Bonnet and I’ve had a blast with her blocks and making a pillow this time around.

Cozy Cottage Calendar Pillow Main 2

I changed the pillow up slightly, but only because I was working with a super small pillow form [ 13″ x 13″ ] and Lori’s awesome design with the scrappy borders would not fit on the front of my pillow.

Cozy Cottage pillow Envelop Back

I wanted to use Lori’s flying geese scrappy border somehow in my pillow, so I added the border design to the envelop back. I love how it turned out. Adding the border to the back highlights the colors from the little cottage and pulls the whole pillow together.

New to sewing or quilting? Go for the full pillow design, I promise you will love it! Lori is very creative and her designs are fun to work with. Her directions are are SUPER easy to follow and you will be amazed at how fast the cottages are to make.

Cozy Cottage pillow Tanner

I made the pillow for my 3-1/2 yr old son, hence the small size. He sleeps with a mini pillow every night and this was the perfect opportunity to make a new cover.  I’m usually a little suspicious about starting a sewing project with/for him, because his attention seems to waver… But he was so into re-covering his little pillow.

Cozy Cottage Calendar Cover Tanner copy copy

We used the calendar cover for inspiration and looked at all the little houses so he could pick his favorite. He always went for the orange! I made a few of the 4″ and 8″ blocks to see his thoughts. He was so excited when he saw the block that ended up in the pillow – yellow door, blue roof and red sidewalk…  I can’t tell you how much fun I had with this pillow.. Involving my son made it a very memorable experience.

Cozy Cottage pillow Kid

Cozy Cottage pillow hugging copy

These blocks are great stash busters. The 4″  block is actually quite tiny, so it’s perfect for testing colors, raiding your stash and getting a feel for everything.

Cozy Cottage scrap buster

Cozy Cottage Blocks

Cozy Cottage pillow Main

The calendar is full of amazing images, plus directions for the 4″ and 8″ blocks, pillow and mini quilt. The calendar is available at the Fat Quarter Shop, but don’t wait too long to get a copy.  Click here for the link to purchase the calendar.

Thanks for stopping by and a special thanks to Lori for inspiring me with her calendar. Happy sewing!

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Project Feature in Stitch Winter 2015

I’ve been waiting for the Stitch Winter 2015 magazine to come out for months. I’m happy to announce that I have a project in the magazine.. A denim clutch!

Stitch Winter 2015 project feature

My project is featured in the “Handmade Denim” section with full instructions at the back of the magazine.

The fabric is from Crossroads Denim and designed by the ever talented Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction.  Amy also has 2 denim projects in the magazine, a pillow and a tote.  If you are looking to sew with something different – try denim! The color selection at Crossroads Denim is amazing. I had a hard time picking out what combination to use because the colors were bright, fresh and modern.

The clutch was a lot of fun to develop. I wanted to bring different elements into a fairly basic pouch design. Notice the half square triangles? I’m addicted to these guys. I thought adding a row at the front and back would give the pouch a little southwest flair…  Using denim fabric for the exterior gives the clutch an on-trend, feel. Denim also makes the pouch extra sturdy and versatile. Lastly, a metal zipper gives it a professional touch

I’ve already made a second clutch in a different color combination and stash it full of my daily essentials.  It’s the perfect busy girl pouch – just grab, fill and go.

That’s it for today. Happy Sewing.

Photo credit goes to Donald Scott.

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A Little Feature in Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine

I’ve been scouring the newsstands looking for issue #25.. A few months ago Love Patchwork & Quilting reached out and asked if they could include my mini fabric planter bins in an upcoming issue.  Hello.. A big, big, BIG yes! I love their magazine and buy it every month so I can drool at all the amazing projects.

LQP Issue 25 Cover

Just a teeny feature, but I’m oh-so grateful!  It’s in the “Love Life” section at the front of the magazine and is called “Potty For Pots.  I’m very appreciative to see my project in such a cool magazine. Did I tell you how much I love this magazine? The projects are modern, the colors are always super fresh and the designers are uber-talented!  If you haven’t picked up this magazine, I strongly suggest you do.

LQP Issue 25 Lovelife Feature

The magazine has little inserts and gifts in almost each issue. This issue has free HST templates. I used templates similar to these on a quilt last month and they work awesome.

I also love their “Block of the Month” series by Lynne Goldsworthy. She blogs over at Lily’s Quilts and usually has a project in the magazine as well. She is part of that uber-talented group I spoke about.. I’m fairly new to the quilting world [well about 6 years in, but I still feel like a rookie]. I’ve given a few of her blocks a try and have learned a bunch! If you are new to quilting and paper piecing give the blocks a try.. You’ll learn something new and feel much more confident with each issue.

Fabric Planter Bin HaberdasheryFun

Well, that’s it for today. I’m working on a few pouches and hope to have them up in the next few weeks.. Check back soon for some fun.

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Sew Clear Vinyl Wallets

A few months ago my sister-in-law asked if I would make her clear pouches for her business receipts. She accidentally misplaces a few receipts each month and it drives her crazy tracking them down.

Sew Clear Vinyl Wallets Main

An envelope was my inspiration. I added colorful bias tape and 2 brass snaps to make the pouch professional looking… This wallet turned out to be very handy – it’s slim and sleek and doesn’t take up too much bulk in a handbag. I also think it’s super cute.

Clear Vinyl Wallets Single

I love how the pouch turned out and ended up making quite a few, including a small one for credit cards. A vinyl wallet is a great beginner sewing project and fairly quick to conquer.  Set aside a few hours and you can make a few in one afternoon.

Mini Clear Vinly Wallet

I’ve made many clear pouches over the last few years and will probably be making many more. If you’ve read my blog, you know that I’m a sucker for clear vinyl. Click here for another easy fabric pouch and here for double sided vinyl pouch. To date, the double sided vinyl pouch is one of my most utilized and favorite sewing projects.

Clear Wallets Materials

Materials Needed:

  1. Clear vinyl
  2. Fabric to make bias tape or store bought bias tape
  3. Clover bias tape maker – optional
  4. Dritz – Heavy duty snap tool kit and heavy duty snaps
  5. Clover Wonder Clips
  6. Sewing machine and supplies
  7. Iron and ironing board
  8. Something circular as round corner template
  9. Pen and paper
  10. Elmer’s gluestick – optional

A couple of things before we get started:

  • Bias tape –  If you plan to make your own bias tape – click here for my bias tape tutorial. Never tried making bags tape..? Give it a go, it’s easy to do! Plus a bold, colorful bias tape makes your projects much prettier.
  • Vinyl – I used 16 gauge clear vinyl for this project. Cut the vinyl into a 8 1/2″ x 11″ rectangle [ letter size piece of paper ] and round off 2 corners at one of the short ends. Tip – trace the corners onto a piece of paper and keep as a curve template later on.

Ok. Let’s get sewing:

Sew Clear Vinyl Wallets

  1. Lay the vinyl rectangle on your work surface. Open the bias tape and lay the vinyl inside. The edge of the vinyl should butt up against the fold of the bias tape. Make sure that you are inserting the non-rounded corner end.. Fold to cover the raw edge of the vinyl. Use wonder clips to hold in place and/or use a small dab of glue stick along the vinyl edge.  Place into your sewing machine and stitch down. Trim the bias tape off at each end.
  2. Place the vinyl piece back onto your work surface, bias tape along the bottom.  Turn and fold upwards 3 3/4″. Finger press a fold into the vinyl. Tip – Place into your sewing machine and make little stitches at the top and bottom of the pocket, but within the seam allowance. This will helps hold the vinyl in place.
  3. Place the paper template onto your work surface. Lay the bias tape around the outside edge, leave a small tail at each end. Iron the bias tape and gently pull/press a curve into the 2 top corners.
  4. Gently pull the bias tape from the vinyl.
  5. Now place the bias tape around the outside edge of the vinyl.  Feel with your fingers and make sure that the vinyl edge butts up against the folded edge of the bias tape. if you are having a hard time holding the bias tape in place, use small dabs of glue along the vinyl edge. Hold the bias tape in place with wonder clips.
  6. Pinch and fold the bottom 1/2 tail under to hide the raw edge. Place into your sewing machine and stitch down. Backstitch at each end.
  7. On the outside front flap, measure inwards about 2″ and upwards about 1 1/4″. Use a pen and make a small mark for the “front” snap placement. Create a little hole. Repeat for the other side. Place the flap back down onto the pouch and finger press flat. Use a pen and trace the hole to mark the “back” snap placement. Repeat for the other side. You are now ready to add the snaps.
  8. Read the directions on the Tool kit and snaps. Use a small hammer and add the “front” snaps to the flap. Add the “back” snaps to the top of the pouch.

Quick tip – is the wallet a little bulky? To make your pouch lay flat, place it under a stack of heavy books for a few hours. The pressure of the books will help press a fold into the vinyl.

Clear Vinyl Wallets 3

Just think of all the uses for these pouches – coupons, business cards, small documents… I made one pouch that was slightly larger and also a mini one. The template for the credit card pouch measures 9″ x 5 1/2″ and simply add a small a small swivel clip to one side. If you plan to sew a mini wallet and have any questions – let me know.

Clear Vinyl Wallets 4

Happy Sewing!

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Art Gallery Fabrics – A Tote Made From Jeni Baker’s Curiosities Collection

Go anywhere “Curiosities” tote.. Great for the beach, but perfect for running around town.

HaberdasheryFun Go Anywhere Tote

Art Gallery Fabrics recently contacted me and asked if I would like to create a project from their new Curiosities Collection. The new fabric line is from the ever-so talented Jeni Baker. As soon as I saw the fabric, I knew I had to make a tote.  The collection is adorable – soft, whimsical and very versatile.

Jeni Baker Curiositites Tote Materials

Isn’t the fabric great? If you look closely, the turquoise and white fabric has bunnies on it! I follow Jeni Baker on instagram and know how much she loves her bunny George.  Close up the bunnies are perfect and round, but take a few steps away and the design becomes organic and fluid. Great for any project! The bunny fabric comes in 2 colors and are such a fun addition to her collection.

The fabrics I chose to use are: Curious Bunnies Calm / Caught Snowflakes Navy / Fireflies Dark. Note that I didn’t use the Fireflies in the tote.. A great opportunity to sew another project and share later :)

Curiosities Tote

I love sewing casual, slouchy bags that have some give. I switched it up this time around and gave the bag more structure than I usually do. I lined the bag with a durable cotton canvas, added Pellon 926 – extra firm sew in stabilizer for the facing and gave the bottom of the bag a stronger platform with Peltex 71F. I like how the bag turned out and will play with various interfacings in my future projects.

Curiosities Tote At the Beach

I love the mix and match feel with the bunnies and snowflake pattern. Jeni’s collection was “Inspired by the many small wonders in life and invites us to explore the world around us..”

Playful, right?

Curiosities Tote straps

By adding navy webbing to the straps, I made the bag have a more professional feel. The webbing shows on the exterior and I love how the snowflake pattern peeks out just a tad. An added feature is the extra durability that webbing gives to the straps. Next time, I’ll add some pockets to the outside of the bag and may a closure of some sort.. Piping along the side seam maybe?

Go anywhere Curiosities Tote Main

Curiosities Tote Santa Monica Beach

Curiosities Tote inside

I shot these images in Santa Monica on a very sunny and windy day. I wasn’t sure how they would turn how, but I’m pretty happy with them. Let me know if you would be interested in the pattern.

Well, that’s it today. I hope I’ve inspired you to get sewing something fun.

Make sure to check out Art Gallery Fabrics new Curiosities Collection. It is now available. Need more inspiration? Check out their look book – Jeni Baker Curiosities Look Book.

Happy sewing.

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Sew Bold Color Blocked Pillows + Giveaway

We recently moved across the country to California. A few weeks before our move date, my husband asked me to make new pillows for our new place. I love sewing, especially pillows and thought my husband’s request was a great way to add a pop of color to our new living room.

Color Blocked Pillow Couch HaberdasheryFun

Want to sew pillows? Well, I’m happy to be sharing a step by step tutorial for this bold, color blocked pillow over at the Hamilton Beach – Everyday Good Thinking blog. Hamilton Beach invited me to create a project using their new Durathon Digital Steam Iron. If you’ve been here much, you’ll remember that I’m a bit of an ironing freak and I press quite often in my sewing tutorials.  So I jumped at the chance to try out their new iron. This iron is impressive  – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the steam power and the retractable cord is so great! I also tend to leave my iron on and forget about it.. When you get busy sewing away, it’s a great feature to have your iron shut off on its own, right?

Durathon Main image

AND GREAT NEWS.. Hamilton Beach wanted to give one of my lucky readers a chance to win a Durathon iron!! See below for more details.

Color Blocked Pillow HaberdasheryFun

My pillow was inspired by the Roksanda Ilincic dress that Cate Blanchett wore at the Australian movie premier of Cinderella.  The colors in her dress are bold, modern and oh-so fresh.

What color combinations would you use?

Color Blocked Pillow Floor HaberdasheryFun

Now on the the giveaway!! One of my lucky readers will win the Durathon iron featured in my project. Please enter using the Rafflecopter below.  The contest ends Saturday, Aug 15th at 12:00 am Pacific Standard Time.  The winner will be chosen at random and notified the second week of August.  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure to pop over to see my step by step tutorial on the Everyday Good Thinking blog. It’s an envelope pillow, so you’ll be in full sewing mode in no time. I hope I’ve inspired you and happy sewing!

A BIG thank-you to Hamilton Beach for supplying the Durathon Steam Iron that I used in my pillow project, as well as the iron for one lucky reader.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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Sew Mini Fabric Planter Bins

I recently shared this post over at UCreate and I am happy to be sharing the tutorial here today.

Fabric Planter Group Bin

My son and I recently bought a few succulents for our kitchen table. Truthfully, I’ve been calling them “mini plants”. After hearing everyone call them “succulents” I’ve figured out what to actually call them.. I don’t spend much time in the garden. Can you tell?

The pots they came in are black, plastic and really ugly. I’m not much of a green thumb, so I have no intention of re-potting them.. While I was looking at the pots I had one of my usual “ah-ha sewing” moments – why not sew colorful, mini fabric bins to cover the pots? Everyone loves a fabric storage bin, right?

I’ve had my eye on the Nate Burkus home decor fabric collection at Jo-Ann fabrics for quite some time. I love his bold, modern prints. I wanted a heavier weight fabric for this project, so his decorator fabric collection at Jo-Ann Fabrics was right on the mark.

Nate Berkus Fabric

These mini fabric bins are super easy to make and you can sew a bunch in just a few short hours.


  1. Cotton fabric in 2 prints – cotton canvas or decorator weight suggested
  2. Disappearing fabric ink pen and ruler
  3. Sewing machine and sewing supplies
  4. Iron and ironing board
  5. Miniature plant in pot – pot height approximately 3 3/8″

Let’s get started:

Fabric Planter Bins HaberdasheryFun

  1. Create the pattern – Lay the “outside” fabric face down on your work surface. Use the disappearing pen and draw a square measuring 10 3/4″ x 10 3/4″. At each corner draw squares measuring 3 1/4″. Cut out following the ink lines.
  2. Cut the fabric – The fabric piece should like something like a cross.  Now lay the fabric down on the “lining” fabric. Pin in place and cut out another. Note – if you plan to make multiple fabric bins, trace off a pattern at this step.Sew the outside bin –  Match the sides of each square at one corner. Pin. Place into your sewing machine and stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Repeat for each corner. Press the seams closed facing one direction.
  3. Repeat step 3 for the lining fabric.  Press the seams closed facing the same direction. You now have 2 little bins.
  4. Turn the outside bin right side facing out. Leave the lining bin, right side facing in. Place the lining bin around the outside bin. Wiggle into place.
  5. Match the points of each corner using your finger. Pin at the top edge/at each corner seam. Place into your sewing machine and stitch along the top edge. Leave a small opening.
  6.  Turn right side out by pulling the bins through the opening. Wiggle the lining bin into the outside bin. Match at each corner. Press the seam along the top edge. Also fold each side seam onto each other and press the seam in place. Pin the small opening closed. Top stitch along the top edge.
  7. Finish the bins – Fold along one side seam. Finger press the seam to sit flat. Place into your sewing machine and edge stitch from the top to the bottom. Backstitch. Repeat for each corner.

Fabric Planter bin Solo

Fabric Planter Bin Combo

That’s it – adorable, right? Perfect for plants and other stuff as well. Wouldn’t these be great all over the house? They would also make awesome teacher appreciation gifts. Disclaimer.. They are so cute you may have a hard time giving them away!

Got fabric bins on the brain? I have a bunch of tutorials you can try –  check out my reversible fabric bin OR my fabric bin with handles OR my round canvas fabric bin. If you have any questions, please let me know. I love hearing about it all.

Happy Sewing.

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DIY.. Make Mesh Laundry Pods #stylebymethod #clevermethod

I’ve been wanting to make mesh laundry bags for a LONG time.

method Mesh Laundry Pods-7017 copy

I googled mesh laundry bags and there were a gazillion different styles. Nothing worked for me. They were square in shape and a little bulky.  I love sleek, simple and modern designs – so mesh zipper pods came to mind.

I live in Florida so tank tops and thin strap camisoles are staples in my wardrobe.  Nothing bothers me more than when I’m taking my clothes from the washer and I find my straps pulled beyond repair or wound the agitator!  With the circular design, my straps would be safely enclosed inside the mesh, making the pods very functional. No edges, ties or straps to catch, pull or snag!

method Mesh Laundry Pods-7009

Speaking of modern, functional design –  Have you seen the new method 4x laundry detergent? Not only am I in love with the smell, but the packaging is right up my alley.  My favorite part about the product..? The bottles have an easy-to-use grip on the bottle, not a handle. Did you know that handles on detergent bottles make them not fully recyclable? I didn’t… I also love the transparent bottle. The clear bottle/colorful detergent will add a pop of color to even the dreariest laundry room.

Method_Detergent_031315_Spring_Garden 600PX_040x

Back to my pods and how to make them..

Materials needed:

Materials method laundry pods

  1. Mesh fabric
  2. Zipper
  3. Double fold bias tape
  4. Fabric glue
  5. Sewing machine and sewing supplies
  6. Dinner plate to use circle template
  7. Tracing paper, pencil/pen, paper scissors
  8. Iron and ironing board

Cutting directions:

  1. Mesh bag back – Place the dinner plate onto the tracing paper and trace around the edge. Cut out. Place the template onto the mesh fabric. Pin in place and cut 1 mesh circle.
  2. Mesh bag front – Place the dinner plate back onto the tracing paper and trace around the edge. Fold in half and draw a line along the fold line. Place a ruler along the line and measure inwards 1/4″, draw another line at this mark – this second line becomes the “pattern cut” line. Cut the half circle out. Place onto the mesh fabric, pin in place and cut 2 half circles.
  3. Bias tape for the zipper edges – Find the plate diameter and cut 2 pieces/
  4. Bias tape for the outside edge – Find the plate’s circumference and add 2″. Cut 1 piece of bias tape to this length.

Remember – Don’t forget to use colorfast fabric and materials for your project. The last thing you need is for the color to run on your delicates!

Ok – Let’s get sewing!

Mesh Laundry Pods 8LR

  1. Lay the 2 half circle mesh pieces onto your work surface.  Open the bias tape and insert the straight edge of the mesh between the bias tape. Enclose the entire raw edge and pin in place. If you find the mesh to be little tricky to work with, use dabs of the glue stick to help hold in place. Place into your sewing machine and stitch down, edgestitch along the bias tape closest to the mesh.
  2. Repeat for the other side. Trim the bias tape if needed
  3. Place the zipper tape under the bias tape and pin. Give enough room to open and close the zipper. Place into sewing machine and sew the zipper in place, closest to the teeth. Repeat for the other side. Make sure that your mesh/outside edge has a nice consistent/round shape.
  4. Open the zipper into the center of the pod. Important step! Cut the zipper to the length of the bias tape.
  5. Lay the front piece on top of the of the back piece, wrong sides together. Pin along the zipper and outer edge.  Set aside.
  6. Place the bias tape and back paper template onto your ironing board. Using the iron, gently press a curve into the bias tape. You can insert the bias tape onto the paper edge and set the curve to be exactly the same as the mesh. Repeat for the entire outside edge. Turn and fold the TOP end under about 1/4″.
  7. Place the mesh pod back not your work surface. Gently, insert the mesh edge between the bias tape. Enclose the entire raw edge and pin in place. Place into your sewing machine and edgestitch along the bias tape side closest to the mesh. Backstitch at each zipper and then add a second row of topstitching for extra durability.

Note – I recommend 2 rows of topstitching along the bias tape. This will hold the mesh in place and make the pod edges more secure.

Having fun? Want to make more? Find a larger or smaller template and you can make all kinds of pods! I bet these would be great for travel. A great way to pack and store dainty items in a suitcase.

method Mesh Laundry Pods-7002 copy

GREAT NEWS – Coupon alert! Use the method coupon code THREEFORME for $3 off your online purchase at

So.. Did you know that method is partnering up with ASOS, the fashion e-commerce giant to create the method and ASOS collection. Head over to check it out.

ASOS methodLook14_210

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Farm Girl Friday Sew Along #farmgirlfridays

I know, I know.. It’s been quiet around here.. So a big thank you for stopping by. Today is my turn on the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along blog hop.

Farm Girl Fridays Corn and Tomatoes

The blog hop started on May 1st and ends Friday, October 9th. Along the way we are are sewing all 45 Farm Girl blocks from Lori Holt’s new book Farm Girl Vintage.


You need to check out this book! The Fat Quarter Shop sent me a copy and I love, love, love it. It sits on my bedside table and I drool while flipping through the pages.. The book includes instructions for 45 sampler blocks in two sizes [ 6″ and 12″] , 10 quilts, 2 table runners, a table topper and a potholder. Lori is also hosting a Sew Along on her blog / Bee in My Bonnet and each Friday she posts a block from the book along with tips and inspiration!

If you are new to quilting.. This is the book for you. I have been quilting for 6 years, but wouldn’t call myself a quilter. I love the 2 sizes for blocks – they are perfect for someone testing the waters… This book might be the clincher and where I am officially hooked!

I call myself a “quilting resister”.. It seems, however, the more I quilt, the more I love it..  I selected the Corn and Tomatoes block which can be found on page 21. For my turn, I wanted something easy and decided on the smaller 6″ blocks. I was very deliberate in my color selection and choose reds and yellows to go along with the title.

Corn and Tomatoes 1 Block

After a few blocks, I felt it was time to step outside my comfort zone and try new color combos. I actually learned something about myself! I am super comfortable with certain color combinations – grey, green, orange and turquoise seem to be my go to colors.. but I have a heck of a time pulling together purple and blues..

Corn and Tomatoes Purple Green Blocks

Looks fun right? I had fun with these guys.. I love how the center pops depending on the color and pattern. I could keep going and going – these would make a great table runner. What color is your favorite? I think the blue/purple combo might be mine.

FGF Corn and Tomatoes

Please visit Barb and Mary with Me and My Sister Designs to see their Country Crossroads block that is also being showcased today!

The book is an awesome read so head over to the Fat Quarter Shop to get a copy.  FGV_GroupPhoto-2

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