DIY.. Kids Name Pillow + Giveaway

I’m happy to be sharing this adorable pillow today.  I’ve wanted to make a “Tanner” pillow since my little guy was born. I’ve just never gotten around to it. Pillows super simple to make AND look great in a child’s bedroom. So when the opportunity came about to be apart of the Shabby Fabrics Blogger Challenge, I jumped at the chance.

Tanner Pillow 4

Tanner Pillow 6B

I had a lot of fun making this pillow. My son is 3 and loves finding the letter T in his surroundings.. He always shouts out, “Hey Mommy..  “T” for Tanner” when he sees a stop sign or the letter on the side of a truck. It is the cutest thing and warms my heart.

Tanner Pillow 7

Shabby Fabrics created laser cut shapes and they come in different shapes and sizes – hearts, dots, stars, butterflies, letters.. There are so many options! The laser cut shapes are so easy to use and you’ll be sewing in 1.2.3…

And guess what? I’m hosting a giving away with this post – a FREE package of shapes. Make sure to read below, it’s easy to enter.


Materials needed:

  1. 3 fat quarters
  2. Shabby Fabrics Laser Cut Applique Shapes – Alphabet Set and/or laser cut shapes
  3. 12″ x 21″ Pillow form
  4. Velcro pieces
  5. Disappearing fabric ink pen
  6. Sewing supplies and sewing machine
  7. Iron and ironing board
  8. Serger – optional


An envelope pillow is the perfect project for beginner sewers. I promise you can do this in an afternoon  – just grab 3 coordinating fat quarters, the laser cut applique shapes, your sewing supplies and you are good to go.

HaberdasheryFun pillow 2 copy

Ok. Let’s get started.. Cutting instructions:

  1. Pillow front –  Cut out 1 rectangle 21 3/4″L x 12 3/4″W.
  2. Pillow Back –  Cut out 1 rectangle measuring 15″L x 12 3/4″W [ large side] and another measuring 13 “L x 12 3/4″W [ small side]

Here are your 5 Easy steps:

Step 1 – Lay the back fabric pieces on your work surface.  On the “large side”, turn and fold under the short edge 1″. Press with an iron. Turn and fold under 1″ again. Press. Place into your sewing machine and top stitch along the folded edge. Repeat for the “small side. These pieces create the envelope back.


Step 2 – Lay the front pillow piece on your work surface. Take letters and shapes out of the package and play with the layout on the front. Leave a little extra room for the sides and make sure it it even especially the ends. Read Shabby Fabrics package directions – carefully peel off the backing off the pieces. Place the shapes onto your pillow front. Press in place. Applique around the outside of each letter and shape. I usually use a straight stitch, but any stitch will do.



Step 3 – Place pillow front right side up on your work surface. Lay the back rectangle pieces right side facing down.  The “large side” should be placed first and on the left. The “small side” should be placed on the right. Pin where they overlap and also around the outside edge. Place into sewing machine and stitch together with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Press. Finish the raw edges.



Step 4 – Turn right side out. Wiggle corners into place. Press.


Step 5 – Insert the pillow form. Wiggle around so the side seams match. Jiggle each corner into place again. And that’s it, cute pillow complete.


And now on to the BEST part!! I’m giving a set of ALPHABET SHAPES away!! It’s easy. Just leave a comment for this post and let me know what you would make.. That’s it.. The winner will be selected at random and is open internationally. The contest is open through Sunday, March 22nd 12pm EST.

Tanner Pillow 2 Bottom

Tanner Pillow 3 Bottom

There are a bunch of great projects in the Blog Hop – check out the links below:

Tuesday, March 17th – Paula at The Sassy Quilter

Wednesday, March 18th – Daniela at On The Cutting Floor

Wednesday, March 18th – Erin at Why Not Sew?

Wednesday, March 18th – Deby at So Sew Easy

Thursday, March 19th – Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts

Thursday, March 19th – Me :)

Friday, March 20th – Melissa at Happy Quilting

Friday, March 20th – Mahriam at Three Owls handmade

Saturday, March 21st – Melissa at Polka Dot Chair

Please note that Shabby Fabrics sent me the appliqué letters and stars for this project. However, all opinions are my own. Can’t wait to hear from you.

Happy Sewing.

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DIY.. Colorful Canvas Pouches

Spring is in the air!  Well, at least down here in Florida.

I’m happy to sharing pouches that I made in collaboration with Canvas Corp. If you’ve hung around my blog long enough, you will remember that I’m addicted to sewing with cotton canvas.

Main Canvas Corp

This pouch is super versatile. One has a basic, blank top and the other has a hand painted, funky stripe.

Main single close up

Canvas paint on fabric

With a blank cotton canvas pouch and Canvas Corp’s Tattered Angels fabric paint, think of all the fun stuff you can come up with!  I also love the color pop bottom, don’t you?

Main bottom 2

Main bottom 1

Canvas Corp has 12″ x 12″ sheets of cotton canvas [ burlap too, if you are into burlap ]. I wanted to see what I could make with just 2 sheets of canvas – 1 sheet of the basic natural and another sheet of a bright color. I promise it’s as easy as 1-2-3…

Head over to the Canvas Corp blog to see my full tutorial.

Please note that Canvas Corp provided me with the materials for this post.. All opinions are my own. Happy sewing.

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DIY.. Print Your Designs on Fabric

I’ve had a lot of you reach out and email about my freezer paper projects.. So I thought I would write a quick post about it.

I love working with fabric paint and freezer paper. Not only is it fun to work with, but it’s a quick way to bring your designs to life.

For many years I used an X-Acto knife and cut my own designs. Time consuming and tedious! Then I found out about the Silhouette machine and it changed my life. I hinted and hinted about getting a Cameo as a gift and finally received one last Christmas. If you are on social media and have seen what this machine can do, I’m sure you feel the same way.

I made these adorable alphabet coasters that spell my son’s name. Our poor coffee table was getting rings from spills and I thought it would also be a great way to help our young son learn his ABC’s. They are made from 5″ x 5″ fabric squares. The front is from fabric scraps and the back is terry towel. A quick project you can take on in one afternoon.

Coaster Squares

Place 1 fabric square and 1 terry cloth square together. The fabric is right side facing down. Pin if needed. Place into your sewing machine and stitch together with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Remember to leave a small 1″ opening at one side.

When printing on your fabric, there is ONE rule to remember. This is a mistake I’ve made way too many times and I’d like to pass along.

Make sure to leave extra freezer paper and/or space around your cut out designs.. Otherwise, when you dab the fabric paint onto the freezer paper you may accidently run off the paper and sponge the paint onto your fabric.. This can be very frustrating, as it most likely won’t come off and the project could be ruined. It’s even more aggravating if you have already sewn the item together.. Or have a limited amount of time, supplies or material.

Here are a few things to also consider..

  • Have an extra box of freezer paper on hand. I’ve found many smaller grocery stores don’t stock Reynolds freezer paper. If you are in a jam and need more, the last thing you want to be doing is running around town wasting time.
  • Try different brands of fabric paint and buy extra colors when they are on sale.
  • Test on your fabric first. Fabric reacts differently! I have found canvas to be hardier to print on than cotton. Tshirts and onesies have stretch.. So test the fabric and your hand/technique until you have a feel for it.
  • Don’t goop your paint! It may seem like you need a lot of fabric paint, but you don’t.. Try dabbing a slight amount onto the opening the first go round.  Note the word “dab”. It’s best to dab, so you don’t pull at the freezer paper edges.
  • Buy an extra blade and mat for your Silhouette machine. You never know when your blade is going to become dull. You may be in a time crunch and need the project finished asap.. The extra mat will help if you are making multiples and will save you time and energy.
  • Cut the freezer paper close to the size of the mat. It’s better to give yourself extra room than have not enough paper for the image and fabric paint.
  • If your Silhouette machine isn’t making clean cuts and is pulling or tearing the freezer paper, you most likely need a new blade. Here is where the second blade comes in handy.
  • Watch for sales at the Silhouette website.. Sales are a great way to stock up and try new goodies!

So that’s my list of do’s and my one big don’t.

On to other designs I’ve made…

Airport Code Market Bag:

I love this bag.  I travel a lot for my job and travelled to these 6 cities in a very short period of time. I though it would be fun to add the codes to a bag. Can anyone figure them all out? I share how to make the bag here.

Fire Truck Gift Bags:

Firetruck Bags in a row

I can’t believe it, but my son turned 3 a few weeks ago. I made these cute totes as goodie bags to hold the giveaway stuff – fire truck hat, coloring book and stickers! I had canvas bags in our garage from a previous project and my husband was bugging my to get rid of them. This was a perfect opportunity to use my home-made stash and make cute totes!

 Mini Alphabet Pillows:

These were for my friend Paula and her daughter Luca. I love anything miniature and wanted to make small pillows for a little girl. I love the different shades of purple, don’t you?

 Advent Calendar:

Advent Main Tanner jumping

Gosh, I loved this project. This picture captures it all.  Not only was it was a blast to make, but my husband and I had a lot of fun thinking of little goodies for our son to find every morning. We can’t wait to pull this out next year.

Hello Cali Girls Trip Swag Bag:

I’m a sucker for punishment.. I decided to give away swag bags for our yearly girls trip. I had to make a lot of them in a time crunch. Of course, I waited until the last minute to start the project. But I sure had fun giving them out.  We have another girls trip coming up in March and I’m already planning to make them printed pouches! Dream big, right?

That’s it. Do you have a special event coming up and need a present? How about a baby shower, hostess gift or party goodie bag? I strongly suggest you go out and buy an Silhouette and get printing today.

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DIY.. Fire Truck Party Favor Bags

My son had his 3rd birthday party over the weekend. Like most little boys, he LOVES fire trucks! We decided to have a fire truck theme and had everything fire truck related – hats, coloring books, cups, plates, balloons, a bounce house AND of course fire truck goodie bags!

I have a Silhouette Cameo and haven’t used it as much as I should. I knew the machine was perfect for making a large number of goodie bags. I’ve had a bunch of canvas bags sitting in the garage and my husband has been bugging me to get rid of the stash, so they pulled the project together nicely.

Firetruck Goodie bag

Firetruck Bags in a row

Materials Needed:

  1. Silhouette Machine and design
  2. Fabric Paint, sponges, card board
  3. Freezer Paper
  4. Iron and ironing board
  5. Fabric of choice

There are a ton of freezer paper tutorials out there. I have a few here on my site and you can see them here and here. Give freezer paper a try – I highly recommend it. It is very satisfying to see your image come to life on the fabric. Don’t panic if you don’t have a Silhouette machine, you can always use an X-Acto blade. I’ve used an X-Acto for years and it works.. But if you have the budget for a machine, I say go for it. The machine makes life much easier. You won’t be driving yourself crazy with all the fussy cuts!

I found this group of firetruck images from Snapdragon Snippets in the Silhouette Design store. I liked the front view of the firetruck, so I ungrouped them and worked with the image until it fit the size of my canvas bag. The Silhouette Software is easy to navigate, especially if you have used a program like Adobe Photoshop.

Screen shot new smaller

I made my husband promise to help with the project and we made 15 of these guys. I gave my husband the job of scraping the images off of the cutting mats. Ha, just so he could “feel” the amount of work that goes into a project.

I always question myself halfway through a large project and wonder why I took it on…I really wondered about this one, as I started the project the days before the party! The results were awesome. The bags turned out great and I’m sure most of the kids will all turn up in their daycare class with the same little bag!

Firetruck Bags


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Sizzix Quilt Blog Hop – Easy Baby Quilt

Today is my turn on the Sizzix Quilt Blog Hop.

Sizzix Quilt HST Wall Main

A bunch of us got together and decided to make great quilted projects to show you what the Sizzix Big Shot and Fabi machines can do.

Sizzix Qyilt1 copy

I knew I wanted to make a simple baby blanket and utilize the half square triangles cutting die. I have been sewing for more than 15 years and quilting for about 5 years, but I don’t consider myself a “quilter”.  As soon as I took the Fabi machine for it’s first spin, I had a feeling I would be quilting more often.

During the Christmas holidays we visited my family in Alberta, Canada. As we drove along the mountain range, I found the inspiration for my quilt – baby blue skies, royal blue mountains, slate grey fence posts and yellow dotted fields.

Sizzix Quilt inspiration

Sizzix Quilt chair copy

Here is what you need to get started:


  1. Fabric – 6 solid colors for the front, 1 pattern for the binding and back
  2. Sizzix Fabi or Big Shot
  3. Half Square Triangles Cutting Die
  4. Batting
  5. Sewing supplies
  6. Sewing machine
  7. Iron and ironing board

I used the Half Square Triangles cutting die. I am addicted to triangles and love the versatility of a HST.  It was so easy. All I had to to was cut a few fabric rectangles, insert the layers through my Fabi and I was on my way!

Sizzix Quilt HST

Sizzix Quilt HST layout2

Sizzix Quilt HST layout1

As I played around with the layout the perfect pattern came about to suit my mountain theme.

Sizzix Quilt HST layout3

Sizzix Quilt Back

Sizzix Quilt Chair far away

I hope I’ve inspired you. Make sure to follow along, as you can get project ideas featuring Sizzix fabi dies as well as projects using their newest Bigz Pro Quilting collection with designs from the artist, author and quilter Victoria Findlay Wolfe!

Sizzix will be giving away a grand prize! Head over to the Sizzix blog for details.

Make sure to follow along and enter. Here are all the participants and dates. You can visit blogs and see what wonderful quilts they have all come up with:

Jan  16th – Twisted Sister / Jamie Fingal

Jan 16th – Generation Q / Tracy Mooney

Jan 17th – Modern Handcraft / Nicole Daksiewicz

Jan 18th - Love Bug Studios / Ebony Love

Jan 18th – Holly gets Quilty / Holly Hughes

Jan 19th – Me

Jan 19th – Leslie Tucker Jenison

Jan 20th – Leigh Laurel Studios / Karin Jordan

Jan 20th – Sue Bleiweiss

Jan 21st – Jenny Doan / The Cutting Table

Jan 21st – Bumble Beans Inc / Victoria Findlay Wolfe

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5 Easy Pom Pom Sewing Projects

I have a thing for pom poms.. How about you? Have you wanted to sew with this wonderful trim, but don’t know how to get started?  I’ve got a great list for you –  from a simple cross body bag, to a pillow, to a table runner.. I’ve got pom poms covered.

Let’s get started:

Cross body bag with pom poms

3 in 1 – pom pom throw/ table runner/ blanket

HST baby blanket with pom pom trim

Fiesta inspired pom pom table runner

Pillow with pom pom trim

Have fun with your pom pom shopping.. There are so many sizes and colors, this trim will make your projector pop.

That’s it for today. Happy sewing!

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Top 5 Sewing Posts From 2014

Happy New Year. I’ve taken a few days off [ ok, more than a few..] to relax and recuperate from a very hectic 2014.  I’m expecting an even busier 2015!  I manage the southeast for a footwear brand and am about to start traveling for my tradeshow season. The thought makes me shake. Sometimes I don’t know how I fit it all in, but the travel also seems to get my creative juices flowing.

While I promised myself that I wouldn’t bore you all with a “Top 5 post of 2014..” I decided it was a great way to reflect on last year and to go through my tutorials to see what I enjoyed sewing the most..

Ok, so the list turned into a top 10.. Guess I had too much sewing fun. Here goes:

Pom Pom Table Runner

This tutorial was for Sew Mama Sew. I was inspired by Cinco De Mayo and wanted to come up with a “fiesta inspired runner”. I think the yellow pom poms did the trick. This is one of my favorite product photos from 2014. I love the stark background.

Re-Usable Shopping Bag Pouch

I write simple sewing tutorials for the Momtastic blog. The inspirational messages from the Lululemon tote made for a  perfect tutorial. Who wouldn’t want to use a pouch that says “Choose a positive thought”? Lululemon reached out to me to use the tutorial on their blog. Cool, right? Fingers crossed we see the tutorial and images over there someday soon.

Double Sided Vinyl Pouch

This is one handy little guy! I love the clear vinyl pouches and having easy access to my stuff with the velcro closures… I use this ALL THE TIME. I’ve often thought of making variations of the design and offering a PDF pattern…

Reversible Fabric Bin

So simple.. yet so popular! I love the versatility of this bin. Quite a favorite among readers.. Apartment Therapy, Poppytalk and a few other sites caught the reversible fabric bin bug!

Alphabet Coasters

Another tutorial for the Momtastic blog. Inspired by my now almost 3 year old son…  He is just learning his ABC’s, so I need to pull these out and have some fun.

Reversible 1 Hour Tote [ plus the PDF pattern! ]

I love this tote. I call it the “Jolly” bag. Named because it makes me so happy and I’ve sewn variations of it for more than 7 years. Also named after a friend who has a Dad named Jolly.. Cute right? I hope you love it as well. I’ve sewn it a gazillion times and have wanted to share the PDF pattern FOREVER.  You can access the pattern here.

Fabric Clutch with Removable Pouches

Inspired by all the lipgloss that I collect and don’t seem to wear.. Need I say more?

Half Square Triangle Pillow

Triangles are my new favorite thing. I love the boldness of this pillow. More of an inspirational post than anything and was in conjunction with The Fat Quarter Shop and their September’s “I love sewing and quilting” blog tour. They asked us to step outside our comfort zones… So quilting and HSTs it was. The colors are from my sneakers!

A-Frame Organizer

I was pretty pumped when Pellon and Jo-Ann Fabrics asked me to be apart of their September “Sew Your Style” Contest.Super handy. It came to mind when I was in a hotel room and I think it is perfect for a collage dorm, a make-up artist.. or someone always on the go.

Double Sided Quilted Cotton Mini Backpack

Love this mini backpack. It was part of the Riley Blake Designs blog hop for their new double sided quilted cotton. The fabric is super soft and awesome to work with.. I also happen to be addicted on polka dots.

Thanks for stopping by. I promise to be back and running with a slew of tutorials very soon!


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DIY.. Fabric Covered Foam Blocks

Blocks pile

I’m over at hello, Wonderful today sharing a tutorial on how to cover foam cubes with fabric.

I’ve wanted to make fabric blocks forever. My son is almost 3 years old and loves playing with a piece of foam I’ve had hanging around the house.  I often find him laying on his stomach and using it is a kick board.  He got really excited the other night when I started cutting the foam into cubes. Out came his dump truck and he piled the cubes into the bucket and ran around the room pretending to have a “big load”.

Cubes Main 3 with truck

The colorful blocks have been a hit. With both father and son! Now, I just need to find time to make a few more…

Cubes Main 1

Head on over to hello, Wonderful for the tutorial. I promise that by the time you are on to the 3rd block you will have the hang of it.

What I like about those blocks the most is that if you are precise with the cutting and sewing – they are square, sturdy and stack really well.. That’s it for today.

Happy Sewing.

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Reversible 1 Hour Tote Pattern and Giveaway

I’m happy to be sharing my Reversible 1 Hour Tote pattern today. Yay!! So many of you have reached out and requested the pattern and I’m happy to finally have it available.

Main 2 Reversible Tote Brambleberry copy

Don’t you love the fabric? I fell in love with the Brambleberry Ridge collection from Violet Craft and had to order a bunch of the fabric from the collection.

For this tote, I used Brambleberry Ridge/Flight in orchid for the outside and Brambleberry Ridge/Shimmer reflection in lilac for the lining. The lining looks like confetti dots and has a gold shimmer to it. It is gorgeous and I can’t wait to sew more with it. First up is a matching pouch or two!

Reversible Tote Brambleberry top view copy

Reversible Tote Brambleberry side view


So on to the fun part..

  1. Click the link to download the PDF pattern –  Reversible 1 Hour Tote Pattern
  2. Click here for the Reversible Tote tutorial.

AND it gets even better.. To go along with my pattern release, Southern Fabric has generously donated a $25 gift card to their online store. Who doesn’t love FREE FABRIC!!?? There are 3 chances to win..

  1. Leave a comment telling me what fabric collection and/or colors you would use for the Reversible 1 Hour Tote
  2. Come on over and follow me on Instagram. Leave a second comment letting me know you follow.
  3. Head on over and follow Southern Fabric on Instagram. Leave a third comment letting me know you follow.

Make sure to leave a comment for each entry. I can’t wait to hear what you you plan to make.

The winner will be selected at random and the giveaway is open until Friday, December 19th. Closes at midnight EST.

Update – the giveaway is now closed. Thank you for everyone who entered!

Reversible Tote Brambleberry

Happy Sewing!

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DIY.. Fabric Clutch w/ Removable Pouches for Sew Mama Sew

I’m happy to be sharing this tutorial over at Sew Mama Sew today.

I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but I’m addicted to buying it. I recently went through my makeup bag and found over 10 shades of the same color of lipgloss.  I’ve often thought I should sew a make-up pouch just to keep all my lipgloss in order.

So no more digging around the bottom of my purse. I now have everything at the tip of my fingers and even organized by color…

It’s gift giving season.. Why  not make this for your organizationally challenged sister/friend/mother/co-worker.. Click here to see the full tutorial over at Sew Mama Sew. I promise it’s easy to sew and can be completed in an afternoon.

Fabric Source – Isn’t the fabric gorgeous? I couldn’t help myself and bought quite a few yards from the collection. I had a feeling it would be great for this project. It is designed by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics and the collection is called “Gramercy”.  Check it out and see if you can figure out her inspiration..

That’s it for today. Happy Sewing.

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