DIY.. Project Overload

Do you ever have a day when you plan to sew, but just can’t get to it? Well, I’ve been having a few of those days and now I’m at a standstill.

The last couple weeks were the busiest I’ve had in blogland. I probably bit off more than I could chew. I’m exhausted, but super happy with the results. The projects were perfectly scheduled out which was a first for me.. Now that I’ve completed the majority of it, I don’t know what to do next.

My Riley Blake Union Jack cosmetic case has been very popular, so I’m feeling rather pouch-happy these days.. I have too many ideas in my head and nothing is coming together.  What material should I work with first?

  • Black and white polka dot vinyl
  • Happy-Go-Lucky print from Bonnie and Camille for Moda fabrics
  • Mini metallic dot fabric from JoAnn fabrics

I plan to add some color pop into whatever I sew, so here is the fun stuff..

  • Lime green and/or turquoise zipper
  • Colorful thread
  • Light blue Velcro

If you have cruised around my blog and like what you see, is there something you would like to see more of? I’d love to hear from you – feel free to leave me a comment to let me know.  Happy Sewing!

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DIY… Pom Pom Table Runner for Sew Mama Sew

I am happy to be over at Sew Mama Sew today sharing a fiesta inspired pom pom table runner.. I think Spring is finally in the air!

This runner will inject some color pop and vibrancy into any home. And with May 5th and Cinco De Mayo just around the corner, you have more than enough time to get the runner made and onto your table.

A quick snapshot of the materials needed..

  1. Runner front –  4 colors of cotton fabric, 1/4 yard or fat quarter each
  2. Backing  - 1 color cotton fabric, 1/2 yard
  3. Pom Pom trim – 2 yards
  4. Sewing machine and related supplies
  5. Rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler
  6. Iron and ironing board

Head on over to Sew Mama Sew for the full tutorial. Happy sewing and have a great day.

DIY.. Riley Blake Designs Union Jack Make-up Case

It’s my stop on the Riley Blake Designs Union Jack Blog tour. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be apart of their blog tour. I studied fashion design for a semester in London, England so creating a tutorial using their Union Jack fabric was a highlight for for me.

This fabric was so much fun to work with. In one panel there are 8 different flag color options. You can mix and match the flag colors in one project, or buy 2 panels and use the same color within a project. The possibilities are endless!! I’ve wanted to make a make-up case for quite some time, so the panels were PERFECT to sew into a colorful pouch.

I added tabs to the zipper ends and made a contrast bottom. The bottom matches the lining. I love how it turn out!

Ok let’s get started.

Materials Needed:

  1. Union Jack flag fabric – 2 panels [ each panel has 8 flags and is 24" long]
  2. Bottom, lining and tabs fabric – 1/4 yard each
  3. Pellon Fusible Interfacing 911FF – 1/4 yard
  4. 14″ All purpose zipper
  5. Sewing machine and related supplies
  6. Rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler
  7. Disappearing fabric ink pen
  8. Wonder Clips – optional
  9. Zipper foot
  10. Iron and ironing board

Before we get started, you will need to do the following:

Cut the fabric and iron the fusible to the outside pattern pieces:

  1. Outside / Union Jack flag fabric – Cut out 2 flags. Cut 2 rectangles measuring 11 7/8″ x 8 7/8″ [ Leave approx 3/8" seam allowances on the sides and NO seam allowances on the top and bottom]
  2. Outside / Bottom – Cut 1 rectangle measuring  11 7/8″ x 5″
  3. Lining – Cut 2 rectangles measuring 11 7/8″ x 10 3/4″
  4. Zipper tabs – Cut 2 rectangles measuring 5″ x 2 1/2″
  5. Fusible – Cut the fusible to match the 2 Union Jack pieces and the bottom
  6. Iron the fusible to each flag and also the bottom piece. Remember to iron to the wrong side of the fabric.

Let’s start sewing!

Sew the bottom to each outside flag piece. Place right sides together and pin along the short side. Place into your sewing machine and stitch together using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Sew the lining together along the bottom edge. Place right sides together and pin along the short side. Place into sewing machine and stitch together using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Note – Leave a 3 – 4″”opening in the middle of the seam.

Using a disappearing ink pen, mark a notch at the top edge 1/2″ inwards from the side seam. Finger press the seam allowance under. Repeat this step for all seam allowances.

Fold the zipper in half and mark the middle with a disappearing fabric ink pen. Do the same for the flag pieces and mark a line at the top edge. This will help with the zipper alignment. Repeat for the lining.

Place the flag right side up on your work surface. Lay the zipper onto the flag fabric with the zipper pull at the left. Match at the ink lines. Make sure to keep the side seams turned under 1/2″. Pin the zipper in place.

Lay the lining piece on top of the zipper. This sandwiches the zipper. Reposition the pins. Place into sewing machine and stitch zipper in place. Carefully press the seam. Open and press again. Edgestitch along the zipper.

Turn the fabric around so that zipper/teeth are facing up again. Repeat the previous step to attach the zipper to the other side [sandwich the zipper between the flag and lining fabrics]. If this seems awkward, you are doing it correctly!

The zipper is almost complete. Turn bag so that it is right side out.

Lay flat and press the seams at the zipper. Be careful to NOT melt the zipper. Open the zipper, place into sewing machine and edgestitch the other side.

Turn the pouch wrong side out again. The outside bag is facing one way and the lining bag is facing another way. Right sides should be facing each other. Pin along the side seams. Important step –  Match the flags at the side seams and the bottom seam also needs to line up! Pin, pin, pin.. Place your sewing machine.  Stitch side seams together with a 1/2″ seam allowance. It might get a bit tricky when you get near the zipper/top edge.. Continue and stop sewing the side seams together when you get approximately 1/4″ – 1/2″ away from the zipper.  Try to stitch as close to the top as possible and remember to back stitch. Repeat for the other side and lining.  Press the seams with an iron.  Open the seams and press again.

Time to make the boxed corners. Keep the cosmetic bag inside out with the lining at one and and the outside portion at another end. Start with the outside/flag fabric. Place on your work surface. Wiggle the fabric around so that the side seams are facing upwards. Make a point and also make sure that the sides sit at a 45 degree angle.  Finger press any wrinkles out.  Measure 2″ upwards from the tip and mark a dashed line with a disappearing ink pen [Note - The seam should hit at the seam where you stitched the bottom to the front flag]. Pin. Place into sewing machine and stitch following the dashed/seam line. Backstitch. Repeat for the other side and again for the lining fabric. Press.

Lay flat onto your work surface again. Carefully cut off the tip with the rotary cutter.  Leave a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Repeat for all corners.

You are on the homestretch… Find the opening that was created in the lining and pull the entire bag throughout itself. You are turning the bag right side out. Wiggle the corners into place.  Pull the tab into the middle. Place the bag into the sewing machine and stitch over zipper at each end. Cut off zipper.

Time to make the zipper tabs. I promise we are almost finished!  Fold the tab in half lengthwise.  Finger press. Fold each side back towards the fold. You are basically creating a “W”. Press with an iron. Place into your sewing machine and stitch each side with a scant 3/8″seam allowance.

Turn each tab right side. Wiggle the corners into place and press with an iron. Squeeze the zipper at each end and slide the tab into place. Pin.  Place into your sewing machine and edge stitch around the outside of the tab. Remember to backstitch along the zipper side. Lastly, pull out the lining and stitch the opening closed. You can hand stitch or machine stitch it closed.. I am too lazy to hand sew, so I always like to run it through my machine.

That’s it! I know it sounds complicated..But I promise if you follow the steps, it is actually a very easy tutorial. Make sure to head over to Riley Blake Designs and check out all their Union Jack fabric!


Tips.. Working with Freezer Paper

I made these cute alphabet coasters the other week. They are a little time consuming to make because of all the cutting and sewing. But overall, it is a very easy tutorial. You can see the post here on my blog and the full tutorial over at Momtastic.

I also made a few extra letters to write my son’s name..

While working with the freezer paper and fabric ink, I made a really stupid mistake. Truthfully, it’s something I often do right out of the gate. So I thought I would write a quick blog post on it.

As you can see, I cut the square around the letter N a little too small.

If you aren’t super conscious of the size of your freezer paper, you may accidentally swipe the sponge and ink onto your fabric..

This can ruin your whole project.. After the ink has hit the fabric, it is usually too late and can’t be wiped off..

I’ve had this happen way too many times. Usually at a critical moment and I have to start over.. Just wanted to share a little FYI on the subject! If you want to see one of my favorite freezer paper projects, click here to see my market totebag.

Well that’s it today. Make sure to stop by on Thursday. I’m super excited about my upcoming project – It’s my turn on the Riley Blake Union Jack blog tour.

DIY.. Reversible Fabric Storage Bin

I’m addicted to making fabric storage bins.  How about you?

I made smaller versions of these last year and have always wanted larger ones. I finally had a few free hours to work on the pattern and get a few made. I love how they turned out and how they look with the top edge rolled down. And they are reversible too!

Wouldn’t they make an awesome baby shower or house warming gift? Fill it with a bunch of goodies and you are good to go..The only problem I see is that if you make one to give as a gift, you may decide to keep it at the last moment.  I’ve done this before.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Cotton fabric outside – 1/2 yard
  2. Cotton fabric lining – 1/2 yard
  3. Pellon Décor-Bond 809 – 1 yard
  4. Sewing machine and related supplies
  5. Rotary cutter, cutting mat, quilting rotary cutting ruler
  6. Disappearing ink pen
  7. Iron and ironing board

Before we get started, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Cut your fabric –  cut 2 rectangles measuring 18″ x 24″ from the outside and lining fabrics. Repeat and cut another 2 rectangles from the Pellon Décor-Bond 809.
  2. Fuse the Décor-Bond to the wrong side of the main and lining fabrics.

Alright, let’s get sewing!

  1. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise. Pin if needed. Place into sewing machine and stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance.
  2. Press side seams while closed. Open and press again.
  3. Sew those boxed corners! Start with the main fabric. Wiggle the fabric around so that the side seams are facing upwards. Make a point and also make sure that the sides sit at a 45 degree angle.  Finger press any wrinkles out.  Measure 4″ upwards from the tip and mark a dashed line with a disappearing ink pen. Pin. Place into sewing machine and stitch following the dashed line. Backstitch. Repeat for the other side and again for the lining fabric.
  4. Place the quilting ruler onto the corner. Lay the ruler so you have a 1/2″ seam allowance. Cut along the ruler edge using a rotary cutter [ you will cut the tip off].  Repeat for the other side and again for the lining fabric.
  5. Turn project so they sit as bins. Main bin is facing right side in and lining bin is facing right side out.  Place the lining bin into the main bin. Wiggle the corners into place. Make sure side seams match up.  Pin around the top edge. Place into the sewing machine and stitch together with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Leave a 4″ opening near a side seam.  Press with an iron.
  6. Gently pull the bin through the 4″ opening.
  7. Wiggle the fabric into place. Roll down top edge to sit into place and make sure all corners match. Press along top edge with an iron, turn the 4″ opening seam allowance under. Press in place. Pin if needed. Place into the sewing machine and edgestitch along the entire top edge.
  8. Press the bin with an iron.

That’s it! Easy right? Well I have great news.. This project is available over at the Pellon Projects website. Click here to head on over to get the PDF. You can save the tutorial and print it later.

Fabric reference.. I LOVE this fabric. I bought a bunch of coordinating fabric from this collection. It is from Moda Fabrics and called “Shades of Black” by Me and My Sister Designs.

Riley Blake Union Jack Blog Tour

Exciting news.. The Riley Blake Designs Union Jack Blog Tour starts today! I’m super happy to be on the list and will be showing my project next Thursday, April 10th. Here is an image with some of the fabric that I’m using. I’m going to keep what I’m making a surprise.

The tour will be going on every Tuesday and Thursday in April. So head on over to the Riley Blake Designs Blog  and check out the list of blogs on the tour.

WIP.. Modern Bee Playing Cards Baby Quilt

Here is a little update on my baby quilt. It is the February block called “Playing Cards” from the new book Modern Bee – 13 Quilts to Make With Friends.

Working on the quilt has been a lot of fun and a bit of an education.  It took some time for me to figure out the cutting instructions. Maybe it was because I approached this on as an “evening” project.. With all my work travel, being sick non-stop and having a toddler running around.. I’ve been beyond exhausted each night. So, reading the directions had me a little cross eyed!

I am not much of a “tan” person, but the quilt instructions called for this color. I had to take a few trips to the store to get my fabric colors worked out.. Now I’m quite happy with the outcome and think it makes for a perfect gender neutral baby quilt.

A little wrinkly, yes.  The rows of blocks are fine, but I must have cut the sashing slightly off..?I’ve pressed and pressed and all the ironing in the world won’t take the wrinkles out.

I used the Alphabitties marking tools on this quilt. They really helped me out. If you want to see my post on them, click here. However, don’t look too closely. I still flipped a few pieces by accident. I realized this AFTER I had my rows of blocks sewn together, so there was no way I was going to take them apart! I’ve also changed the pattern ever so slightly. I left off the 4th row. I wanted this quilt to be small and for the baby to lay on the floor.

I plan to use either an orange or grey polka dot for the back. As for the binding..What color do you think?

That’s it for today. Thank you for stopping by. Happy Sewing.

DIY.. Make Monster Inspired Face Cloths

My son loves to run around the house yelling “ROAR”.  He also loves bath time.  So I thought it would be fun to bring the two together and create monster inspired face cloths.

This is a super easy project that involves store bought face cloths, scrap fabric and a few sewing supplies! Fun right? A great project to get everyone involved. Head to the store together and pick out monster inspired face cloth colors..

Look around for inspiration.. Nowadays there are monsters everywhere.

I’m happy to be sharing this tutorial over at the the Momtastic blog.  Head on over to see the full tutorial. I’d love to hear if you plan to make these for your family..

Happy Sewing!

Fabric Stash Friday..

Do you ever buy fabric, but have no clue what you will sew with it? I do ALL the time! Last weekend I shopping at JoAnn Fabrics with my husband and son. I found these fat quarters and thought they were so awesome, that I bought quite a few of them..

My husband asked what I was going to sew with them… And the cashier asked me what was written on them.. It didn’t matter and I really had no idea.

However, I’ve opened up one of them.  Upon further inspection, it looks like they have sewing instructions for a pillow case. Fun right? What do you think I should sew?

DIY.. Alphabet Coasters

Here is a DIY post for all you super Moms! Why not teach your little ones the ABC’s while sipping your morning cup of joe!!? These alphabet coasters are a fun project for the entire family to get involved.

I’m happy to be sharing this project over at the Momtastic blog today. Click here and head on over to see the 9 easy DIY steps!

Happy sewing.

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