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DIY.. Necktie Baby Bibs

Have excess white baby bibs hanging around?  If there is a baby in your house, I’m sure you’ve got a few to spare. Just a few supplies needed. You may have most at home.. Hello neckties and trendy updates!! This will surely add some flair into your morning routine.. I’m happy to be sharing another tutorial […]

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DIY.. Mini Alphabet Pillows

Christmas is just around the corner.. Need a super special gift??  Make these cute pillows for that special kid in your family. All children like little things… and all possibly all Mom’s too??  I know that I do!  These bite sized pillows are perfect for a bedroom or on a shelf in the nursery.  In […]

DIY.. Easy Baby Burp Cloth

Alrighty.. One last post in babyland and then I’m off to sew for the holidays.. This is a follow up post to the baby bib pattern and appliqué tutorial from earlier this week. You can access the bib pattern here and see the sewing/applique tutorial here. I suggest using matching fabric when you make the […]

DIY.. Simple Superman Onesie

Do you have a new baby?  I’m sure you are way too tired to even think about a Halloween costume.  Well, fear not. Here is a simple Halloween tutorial using a onesie and a small piece of fabric.. I promise this costume will take less than an hour to make!! Materials Needed: Baby onesie – I bought a […]

DIY.. Make A Little Hands Photo Book

Do you have a baby or toddler in your house?  Do you have grabby little hands that love to pull down your family photos and look them?  This soft little photo book came to mind when my toddler continuously grabbed the frames off our bookshelves and handed them them over pointing out “Da”.. “Da”..”Da”!  He just loves to point […]

DIY.. On The Go Baby Changing Pad

I am super happy to share this project today. This is my first tutorial as a Pellon Projects Designer.  I have wanted to make a changing pad for awhile now.  My baby is now 20 months old! So, when the opportunity came to submit a project to Pellon, the changing pad seemed like the perfect fit! […]

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DIY… Monster Hooded Towel

I can’t believe it is already October. Bring on the goblins and ghosts.. It’s the season for monsters! Last March I posted a tutorial on how to sew a baby and toddler hooded towel. It has been quite a popular post, both here on my blog and also on Pinterest.  With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to create a […]

Baby DIY.. Drawstring Wet Bag

It has been quiet on my blog the last few weeks. I have been on the road for work. But, thank goodness, my work travel and tradeshow calendar are slowing down for the year. My life will be much calmer for the next 3 months. I am REALLY looking forward to some downtime! Like many […]

DIY.. Toy Bath Bag

Do you have toys at the bottom of your tub? Shoved in the corners? I do, every night.  Each morning I bend over to pick up all the little bits before I take my shower or bath… For months I have wanted something to hold all the little toys. Then I realized that I should sew a bath tote! This was […]

DIY Baby & Toddler Hooded Towel

I have wanted to make this cute hooded towel for quite some time. I have been “thinking” about making this project since my Tanner was in my belly. My “baby” is now 14 months old,  so it was high time that I made the pattern and sewed the thing together. This project is fairly easy to sew and in just […]

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