Hello.  My name is Marni – Welcome to Haberdashery Fun.  I am a self proclaimed sewing nerd. I love anything to do with zippers, binding, buttons, thread, the list goes on… I get all gooey from the thought of a fabric store or figuring out how something was designed and sewn together.

I was a sewing late bloomer. I resisted all my Mom’s attempts to teach me how to sew and wanted nothing to do with anything “homemade”.  It was while studying abroad in Uppsala, Sweden that I became enamored with the world of design. I came home from my travels, learned how to sew and went on to get a degree in fashion design.  After graduation, I packed up a U-Haul and moved from Toronto to New York.  My first summer I interned at Zac Posen.  I fondly call it the fashion trenches.  From there I went on to technical design and then on to footwear and product development.

I transitioned from design to the business side and am now in footwear sales.  I manage and travel a large territory for my job. I travel alot! The best part…Visiting unique stores and seeing interesting products while on the road and at tradeshows.

In 2012 I had a baby boy. I can’t believe it, but he is now a toddler!!  I am newly inspired by everything BABY.  I never thought I would ever want to sew baby items… But my brain seems to be very baby focused these days.  I am constantly thinking of items to make for our son and also give as gifts.

My husband and I moved to Florida a few years ago. I launched this blog to to unleash the creative juices that flow through me AND keep me up at night. I am sure you can relate?   In the past, I spent alot of my time and energy focused on advancing my career in the fashion industry.  However, my world has evolved.  I find myself more and more interested in developing a happy and creative life around my family, friends and home.

Stay tuned as I share all that inspires me including DIY projects, sewing ideas, design and everything in between.