Hello.  My name is Marni Weaver – Welcome to Haberdashery Fun.  I am a self proclaimed sewing nerd. I love anything to do with zippers, binding, buttons, thread, the list goes on… I get all gooey from the thought of a fabric store or figuring out how something was designed and sewn together.

I was a sewing late bloomer. I resisted all my Mom’s attempts to teach me how to sew and wanted nothing to do with anything “homemade”.  It was while studying abroad in Uppsala, Sweden that I became enamored with the world of design. I came home from my travels, learned how to sew and went on to get a second degree in fashion design.  After graduation, I packed up a U-Haul and moved from Toronto to New York.  My first summer I interned at Zac Posen.  I fondly call it the fashion trenches.  From there I went on to technical design in apparel and then on to footwear and product development.

I transitioned from design to the business side and am now in footwear sales.  I manage and travel a large territory for my job. I travel alot! I’m inspired by the people I meet in airports, by my messy suitcase, ugly hotel rooms and packing the wrong stuff all the time.

Why the name HaberdasheryFun? I was lucky enough to study abroad for a second time at the University of Westminster in London, England. I had a lot of spare time..I used to wander the city and loved browsing in the fabric and trim shops. While I was there I fell in love with the word “Haberdashery” and knew one day I would use this lovely word in conjunction with my work.

My husband and I moved to Florida a five years ago. I actually wondered if I could still be creative if I didn’t live in New York City…  So shortly after we moved, I launched my blog as a place to share inspiration and my sewing tutorials. I have ideas that just pop into my head and keep me up at night.  My blog has become a wonderful sewing journal. I love sewing and working with a mixture of materials – fabric, webbing, zippers, velcro, clear vinyl, fabric paint, freezer paper and even glue! I guess you could say my moto is “Sew The Unexpected”.

I am a Mom to a very active toddler. After the birth of my son, I became inspired by everything BABY, although I never thought I would ever want to sew baby items… But my brain seems to be baby and toddler focused these days.  I am constantly thinking of items to make for our son and also give as gifts.

In addition to my blog, you can find me writing simple sewing tutorials for Momtastic and over at Hello, Wonderful. Jump on over to my sponsor page for additional brand information.

Please reach me at marni (at) haberdashery fun.com.

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